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Neringa Dabrege


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Neringa graduated from The University of Portsmouth Dental Academy with a BSc (Hons) in Dental Hygiene in 2022. Since graduation she has worked in both NHS and private dentistry as well as in local community outreach projects.

Her varied experience in private, NHS and community clinics means that Neringa is able to treat different forms and severities of gum disease to the point of resolution.

Neringa has an interest in the latest techniques and keeping up to date with best practice in the management of periodontal disease. Her approach is to provide personalised care and advice to patients.

Her strong points are in the investigation, diagnosis and treatment of gum disease and prevention of dental decay through diet advice and fluoride varnish applications.

She works well with anxious patients and does her best to make them feel comfortable due to her calm and friendly nature.

Outside of work Neringa is a busy mum with two young children. She enjoys travelling, walking and reading.

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