Our Fee’s

These Fees are for a guide only and we reserve the right to charge differently depending on individual patients needs and requirements.

Cancellation Policy

SDA dental practice will request a deposit for all treatments.

If you need to reschedule your appointment you can contact us. This will be at no extra cost if done 48 hours or more before your appointment. If you cancel your appointment more than 48 hours before your appointment, you can receive a full refund of your deposit.

If you cancel within 48 hours or you do not attend your appointment, your deposit will be forfeited.

CANCELLATION / DEPOSIT CHARGE– £50 per 30 minutes of surgery time

Our Fees

If you have booked an appointment without a deposit on file, please expect to be contacted by the reception team in the weeks leading up to the appointment for this to be collected.

*Fees may vary in more complex cases, and you will be informed before your treatment starts.

Consultation / Exams
Initial Examination including X-ray, Consultation and Oral Health Screening (New patients only£60
Routine examination and Oral Health Screen£60
Emergency examination*£90
Out of hours call-out fee*£225
Initial Child dental examination/ Consultation (16 and under)£50
Child dental examination/ Consultation (16 and under)£30
Small X-Ray£12
Recall patient£35
Emergency Services
Emergency appointment (diagnosis, dressing, pain)£130
Refix Crown*From £80
Refix Veneer*From £85
Re-screw implantFrom £130
Recement implant crownFrom £110
Referral to a Specialist£50
Professional dental cleaning (by dentist£95
Hygienist 30 minutes (per visit)£80
Hygienist 45 minutes£120
Airflow abrasion£65
Scaling and airflow£110
Child hygiene£70
Temporary filling£60
Glass Ionomer FillingFrom £80
Anterior composite (1 surface)£100
Anterior composite (2 surface)£120
Anterior composite (3 or more surface)£140-£250
Posterior composite (1 surface)£130
Posterior composite (2 surface)£160
Posterior composite (3 surface)£190 - 275
Composite Bonding£175-400
Direct Composite Veneer£175-400
Direct Composite Onlay£400
Oral Surgery
Simple Extraction£120
Complex extraction*£200 - £350
Oral surgeon extraction *£250 - £400
Wisdom tooth extraction*From £250-£350
Child extractionFrom £130
Periodontal Examination/ consultation£120
Periodontal Surgery *From £250
Pericoronitis treatment£120
Endodontics (General Dentist):
RCT Incisors and Canine£400
RCT Premolar£475
RCT Molar£600
Extra dressing required£95
Endodontics (Specialist):
Initial consultation£100
RCT Incisors and Canine£450
RCT Premolar£525
RCT Molar£700
RCT Retreatment Incisors and Canine£525
RCT Retreatment Premolar£600
RCT Retreatment Molar£750
Fibre post (tooth reinforcement)£200
Cast post£200
MTA plug£150
Child dental examination£40
Sealant - Per Tooth£50
Fluoride- Per Tooth£20
Primary tooth extraction£90
Primary tooth Temporary Filling*From £75
Primary tooth pulpotomy£110
Child extractionFrom £130
Cosmetic Dentistry
Home whitening*From £375
Laser teeth whitening£525
Internal Bleaching – Per VisitFrom £200
Enlighten whitening£650
Dental jewel£100
Porcelain veneers£750
Smilefast Veneers£450
Removable Prosthetics
Denture Partial Acrylic (1-3 teeth)£495
Denture Partial Acrylic (4 or more teeth)£725
Denture Total Acrylic£800
Chrome Denture 1- 3 Teeth£1250
Chrome Denture More than 3 Teeth£1750
Study Models£80
Wax-up (per unit)£95
Adhesive Maryland Bridge UnitFrom £700
Custom Flexible Night Guard£350
Hard SplintFrom £550
Flexi Denture£900
Fixed Prosthetics
Gold CrownFrom £800
Porcelain metal Crown£600
Porcelain Crown£700
Zirconia Crown£750
Porcelain Bridge (per unit)From £700
Temporary Crown Laboratory (per unit)£150
Temporary Crown Office (per unit)£90
Temporary Bridge (per unit)£120
Implant (surgery + crown)From £2250
Surgical Phase£1100
Healing AbutmentFrom £400
Implant crown PFM£750
Implant Crown Ceramic£750
Implant Crown Zirconia£750
GBR/ Bone GraftFrom £400
Sinus LiftFrom £600
Teeth in a Day - All on 4 *From £8500
Teeth in a Day - All on 6 *From £11,500
Implant retained denture£3500
Implant retained bridge£4500
Implant explantationFrom £600
Lateral sinus liftFrom £750
Crestal sinus liftFrom £600
Impressions for implant crownFrom £150
Orthodontics / Tooth Straightening
Metal Braces (Per Arch)From £1750
Clear Braces (Per Arch)From £2000
Invisalign (Per Arch)From £2000
Damon Q (Per Arch)From £2000
Damon Clear (Per Arch)From £2500
Lingual Braces (Per Arch)From £3500
Removable Appliance (Per Arch)From £500
Functional Appliance (Per Arch)From £700
6 month smile/ cfast braces (Per Arch)From £1800
Fixed retainers (Per Arch)From £250
Essix /removable retainers (Per Arch)From £165
Facial Aesthetics
Botox ConsultationFREE
Botox one areaFrom £200
Dermal FillersFrom £250
Dermal fillers (same area)From £175

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