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Floyd Lee Briggs

(General and Cosmetic Dentistry GDC-290820)

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Dr Lee-Briggs recently joined SDA Dental Studio and graduated from University of Manchester in 2020. He completed his NHS foundation training in a high dental needs area of Glasgow before working privately in Manchester and Liverpool. He loves minimally invasive dentistry and strives to provide pain free dental treatment. Dr Lee-Briggs is a very down to earth individual and had a varied professional background prior to becoming a dentist, having worked as a cabbie and a chef.

He applies this down to earth approach to his work as a dentist and is very personable. He considers himself very people oriented and is patient focused.

His colleagues describe him as charming, funny and a very calm character which he likes to transmit to his patient. Dr Lee-Briggs is very passionate about dentistry particularly composite bonding, smile makeovers, full mouth rehabilitation, fixed and removable prosthetics and clear aligner therapy. Outside of dentistry, he is a doting father to his three children.

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